emotional well beingToday is the 90th day of the Daily Shoring Series!  If you’ve been working through the 90 day series, congrats!

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The daily reminder may be helpful and you can challenge yourself more the second time around!  And because I periodically update and revise the posts, you’re likely to come across something new.

Now that you’ve completed the Daily Shoring 90 Day Series, take a mental inventory. 

If you want to review the Daily Shoring posts, they’re listed under Daily Tips.

  • Are there tasks you would like to repeat?
  • Are there tasks you need to repeat, i.e., cleaning up your sleep hygiene?
  • Are there tasks that would be beneficial at a more demanding level?
  • Are there tasks you would like to incorporate into your ongoing daily or weekly routine?

I’m so glad you participated in Daily Shoring and I hope it was helpful!  I’ll continue to write about topics relevant to emotional well being, so continue to check out dailyshoring.com!