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We all need time to think, reflect, reminisce, and plan.  But what’s the difference between “wasting time” and allowing yourself “time to think?”  To answer this question, you need to learn to pay attention to your internal state–what “nonproductive” activities make you feel happy?  What activities tend to spur creative thought and inspiration?  These are the things that facilitate thinking and creativity as opposed to merely wasting time.

Click here to read Building Resilience By Wasting Time, a great essay by Jane McGonigal, author and game designer.

Do you tend to feel anxious and edgy when you’re not productive?  Chances are your mind is not calming down enough to allow you to engage in reflection.  Please take another look at Learn to Relax!  If you’re struggling with depression and can’t get your mind off your troubles, take another look at Stop Worrying.

For today, read the Building Resilience article and try an activity for 10 minutes and see how you feel–more relaxed, positive, and creative?  If you’re feeling motivated, block off time each day this week for “thinking.”  Try a few different activities to see which ones bring about a more positive mood.

What helps you think, reflect, plan, and create?