healthy habits

You have one week of Daily Shoring activities left to complete the 90 Day Series!  Congrats!  Today, I want you to focus on your physical well being and healthy habits–let’s combine the two!

Your Daily Shoring assignment for today is to pick one very simple physical activity that you can commit to on a daily basis for one week.

The purpose of this activity is to start building a new habit.  The most important part is holding yourself accountable on a daily basis for one week.

Don’t make it complicated–the physical activity you choose must be so simple that you have no excuse to avoid it!  To work on habit formation, you may want to add structure to it–commit to doing the exercise at a certain time of day and/or track with a journal or smartphone app like Streaks.

Here are some examples:

“This week, I will do 10 lunges everyday right before my shower.”

“This week, I will do 10 pushups a day right before bed.”

“This week, I will do 10 jumping jacks everyday right before lunch.”

If you’re on a regular physical activity program, this new commitment should be in addition to your usual commitment.

If you’re feeling motivated, you may want to commit to an exercise each week–change up the exercise, but keep it simple.  That way, you’re physically active every day and you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment!

Bonus:  By adding physical activity, you can improve your sleep as well as your mood!

If you’re working through the Daily Shoring 90 Day Series, you’re entering your final week!  If you want to repeat the series, beginning with the first post, leave a comment and I’ll re-enroll you.

I periodically update and edit the series, so you might come across something new.  And unless you tell me otherwise, I’ll leave you on the general list to receive periodic posts on emotional well being.  Thanks for reading Daily Shoring!