daily mental health tipsDaily Shoring is based on a series of 90 Daily Tips for Emotional Well Being, authored by licensed psychologist Deann Ware, Ph.D.

By working through the Daily Shoring series, you will learn strategies for improving your coping skills, managing stress, increasing productivity, and generally maintaining better emotional health.

Working on one strategy a day will help you keep the information both manageable and motivating.  Below are links to the Daily Shoring Tips, in order. 

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Clean Up Your Sleep Hygiene

Get Moving, Part 1

Target One Bad Habit

Add a Healthy Habit

Learn About Someone You Admire

Accomplish an Easy Goal

Have a Good Food Day

Get Moving, Part 2

Take Care of Your Health

Reach Out

Daily Shoring Check Up

Find the Humor

Establish a Morning Ritual 

Bookend Your Day

Establish a Bedtime Ritual

Learn Something New

Do Your Best at One Thing Today

Respect Your Finances

Get Moving, Part 3

Get Organized, Part 1

Improve Your Surroundings

Set a Realistic Goal

Improve Your Memory

Improve Your Stress Response

Remember an Accomplishment

Get Organized, Part 2

Examine Your Attribution Style

Recognize Your Strengths

Be Kind to Others

Day 30!  Daily Shoring Check Up

Be Mindful of How You Speak to Yourself

Try Something Different

Learn to Relax

Make Time for Fun

Daily Routine Check Up

Identify Cognitive Distortions

Stop Worrying

Improve Your Productivity, Part 1

Improve Your Productivity, Part 2

Learn to Use Mental Rehearsal

Improve Your Memory, Part 2

Allow Yourself Time to Think

Build Mental Resilience

Identify a “Filler Task”

Get Sunlight

Use Your Hands

Make More Time to Relax

Begin a Daily Accounting

Reexamine Your Commitments

Make a Commitment to Yourself

Another Reason to Get Moving

Stay Focused on Your Goals

Get Inspired

Use Visualization to Manage Your Anxiety

Define Your “Good Day”

Stop Procrastinating

Try a New Coping Skill

Stay in Your Own Lane

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Day 60!  Shore Up Your Emotional Resilience

Go Outside

Add a Good Food

Identify Your “Keystone Habit”

Pace Yourself

Get Out of “Analysis Paralysis”

Take a Mental Inventory

Combat Insomnia

Do What Makes You Happy

Engage in Self Examination

Don’t Borrow Trouble

Improve Your Focus

Protect Your Daily Rituals

Change Your Routine

Avoid “Yard-Sticking”

Build Healthy Habits with Implementation Intentions

Practice Mindfulness with a “Grounding Exercise”

Be Open to New Experiences

Exercise to Improve Your Mood

Cope Better with Stress

Show an Interest in Others

Cope with Stress by Imagining Someone Else’s Point of View

Activate the Calming Hormone “Oxytocin”

Use “Additive Thinking”

Build a Healthy Habit

Practice Mindfulness

Practice Mindfulness with Music

Use Mindfulness to Avoid the “Kindling Effect”

Find Balance with Mindfulness

Remember an Accomplishment, Part 2

90 Days of Emotional Well Being!