exercise and mental healthAbout a week ago, I wrote about the mental health benefits of exercise and encouraged you to get moving!

It’s important that physical activity is a regular part of your life, so I’m reminding you today.  Recent research at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (my alma mater!) has begun to identify the “specific signaling proteins found in blood cells” related to exercise’s effectiveness in alleviating depression.  You can read more here.

If you’re on the easy plan:

  • Add a few minutes to the exercise you did last week.  Also, do some stretching!
  • Give some thought to ways you can increase your physical activity on a daily basis.  This doesn’t necessarily mean “working out”–you can walk more, take the stairs, or do more yard work.

For more of a challenge:

  • Have you followed up on the suggestions from last week, i.e., have you changed your workout routine or set new goals?
  • Consider adding a Tabata set in the middle of the day–you can do this in five minutes!

Here’s another article on the positive effects of exercise on depression and anxiety:

Mayo Clinic Article on Mental Health Benefits of Exercise