healthy habits organizationOur surroundings impact the way we feel and disorganization leads to frustration and inefficiency!  Even small changes can make a big difference–here are some ideas:


  • Tidy up after getting ready for the day–even 10 minutes of straightening up will make your environment feel more calm and peaceful.


  • Clean out one drawer, preferably one you use often.  Chances are, you’ll appreciate the improved organization and efficiency, and you may be motivated to continue!
  • Clean out your car.  (I guess this could actually be Easy, Moderate, or Challenging, just depends. . .)


  • Look at the organization in your home–are there changes you can make so it’s easier to keep things put away, or do you need to pare down and donate surplus items?
  • Choose a closet to organize–sort, donate/discard, and reorganize.

Click here for a lifehack article on how to change the behaviors that lead to clutter & disorganization.

What did you do today to get organized?