Texas LonghornsDo you have a system for keeping up with paperwork and various to-do’s?

 Can you improve upon your system?  Take the bull by the horns!

The best system I’ve come across is Getting Things Done (GTD) by David Allen.  (Website Link &  Book Link)

If you’re just starting out, try adopting one of the easiest rules:  If something requires less than 2 minutes, take care of it right then.

If you’re fairly organized but don’t have a “System,” check out GTD, particularly the 43 Folders.

The 43 Folders technique is the absolute best organization/productivity tip I have ever come across.  It will make your life so much easier!!!

If you’re already using GTD, are you using the Weekly Review?  Click here if you need a refresher course.

What’s your best tip for staying organized?  Please share!

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