Try to spend 10 minutes outside today.  Here’s what you can accomplish:

  • You may get sunlight–good for Vitamin D and facilitating a positive mood.
  • You may be more physically active than when indoors.
  • Scan the horizon or look at objects far away–this stimulates a different part of your brain than looking at objects up close.
  • Close your eyes and use your sense of smell–can you “smell the season?”  What memories does the smell of the season bring to mind for you?
  • Close your eyes and pay attention to what you hear.  Can you identify the sounds?  Do the sounds conjure up any memories?
  • If there are clouds, notice the shapes and the movement.  Clouds can be mesmerizing as well as spark creative thought!

If you’re feeling motivated, read this article by Richard Louv on “Nature Deficit Disorder.”

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