Good Day

“Today was a good day.”

When is the last time you said that to yourself?  Do you know why it was a good day?  I’m not referring to a day on vacation or other special occasion–just a regular day that left you feeling satisfied and content.

If you can remember the last time you had that kind of day, ask yourself the following questions.  See if you see put your finger on what constitutes a good day for you.

One caveat–the “good day” has to include your current life circumstances.  For example, if you’ve lost your job, can you remember having a good day since you lost your job?

If you can’t remember when you last had a good day with your current life circumstances, Set a Realistic Goal for tomorrow (go the Easy route!), work on your Daily Rituals, then ask yourself these questions tomorrow evening.  In general, look for themes that stand out as contributing to your sense of well being, then try to replicate that!

How did the day start?

  • Did you wake up in a good mood, or did you have to work your way into it?  (Do Sleep and Morning Rituals play a role?)
  • How long did it take to transition to the productive part of your day?
What did you do during the work/productive part of your day?
  • Was it a work day or leisure day?
  • Whether work or leisure, did you have goals for what you wanted to do?
  • Did you accomplish anything?  Was it something large or a small series of tasks? (Leisure pursuits that involve a specific agenda or goal count here!)
  • Were you active or sedentary?
  • How did you manage your time?
What did you do during the leisure/family time part of your day?
  • How much did you connect with other people vs spend time by yourself?
  • Did you exercise or get outside?
  • Were your activities quiet or stimulating?
  • What was your eating like?  Did you Have a Good Food Day?
  • With whom did you spend time or otherwise connect?  Equally important–was there someone you avoided today?

If you’ve been doing a Daily Accounting, hopefully you’re already learning what leads to a feeling of contentment and satisfaction at the end of your day!

I’ll end with one of my favorite quotes:  “Today is gone.  Today was fun.  Tomorrow is another one!” by Dr. Seuss