It takes effort to take care of yourself, even during good times.  When you’re struggling, it can feel like an uphill climb.

Still, it’s important to take care of the basics which include sleep, exercise, and healthy eating.  So today, have a good food day!  Here are some suggestions:


  • Make sure you eat at least some fresh food today–food that is not processed in any way!  If you need to go to the grocery store to get fresh food, it’s worth it.  Even a banana counts!  :)
  • No “fast food” today.
  • Don’t let yourself get hungry, but don’t overeat either!  Feeling “full” usually means you’ve overeaten.  There are times for this (Thanksgiving!), but it should not be an every day thing.

More Effort:

  • Plan a few healthy meals for the week and make a comprehensive grocery list.
  • Read a book on healthy eating:
  1. French Women Don’t Get Fat (A good read for men, too, and it’s available for Kindle download.)
  2. The Writing Diet (If you trade your feelings for food! Also available on Kindle.)
  • Start using a smartphone app to track your nutritional choices.  Click here for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ reviews of apps for Diabetes, Gluten-Free, and Weight Management apps.  Or check out my favorite–My Fitness Pal–you can log both food and exercise, plus it syncs with wearables like Fitbit.


  • Clean out your cabinets and refrigerator.  Get rid of trans fats and make a healthy grocery list.
  • Schedule with a dietician–they can look at your food diary and provide recommendations for dietary improvements.

BTW, I’m an advocate of adding in good things, not focusing on subtracting “bad” things you must deny yourself–so don’t stress if your eating isn’t always great–just add in more good things–healthy food, exercise, and a good night’s sleep!