Honorable peopleFor a little inspiration today, learn about someone you admire!  It can be an historical figure, a celebrity, or someone in your own life.

For today, decide who inspires you, and if it’s a public figure, read a little about him or her online (Wikipedia is of course a good resource).  If you really want to dig into this, consider reading a biography or autobiography.

Reading someone’s life story is a great way to gain perspective on life’s ups and downs.

Also, try to understand the individual’s code of conduct and personal habits, which helped make him or her into a person you admire.

If you’ve chosen someone in your own life, here are some questions you might ask:

  • What decisions in your life are you most proud of?
  • What have you worked the hardest for?  Did you get what you originally wanted?
  • What was a major setback in your life, and how did you make the most of it?

Who did you learn about today?

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