Pace yourself

Pay attention to your energy levels!  Over the course of a day, do you plan your most productive tasks during the parts of the day when you have the most energy?  Are you most energetic in the morning, afternoon, or evening?  How do you account for this in your Daily Routines?

You can increase your energy and productivity throughout the day if you eat well and take periodic breaks.  In sports and physical rehabilitation, this is referred to as “pacing.”  If you go all out for extended periods of time, you’ll burn out more quickly and pay for it later with a “hangover effect.”  Pacing will improve your stamina and productivity, both physically and mentally.

Today, pay attention to your energy level and whether you’re using your most energetic times of day to your advantage.  If you’re pushing yourself to exhaustion or skipping meals, that’s counterproductive.  What adjustments do you need to make?  Try to incorporate these changes tomorrow.

If you’re feeling motivated, check out Off Balance:  Getting Beyond The Work-Life Balance Myth.  This book focuses on pacing yourself over the course of weeks or months in terms of work and personal obligations.

How do you pace yourself?  Please share with other readers!

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