I’m writing this post a week after Daylight Savings ended (that means “Fall back,” or “It now gets dark at 6:00 pm”), and I am acutely aware of how sunlight, or lack thereof, affects mood, sleep patterns, and energy level, not to mention Vitamin D which is apparently epidemically low in the general population these days.

Whatever time of year you’re reading this Daily Shoring tip, make a note of your exposure to sunlight and whether you need to make adjustments.  Are you getting at least 10 minutes of direct sunlight a day?  Also, cue yourself (Improve Your Memory, Part 2) to reexamine your patterns as the seasons change and make the appropriate adjustments.  For example, once Daylight Savings ends, you may need to get outside during lunchtime to get a few minutes of sunlight.  Check with your doctor about how to balance the need for sunscreen and skin exposure to sunlight for Vitamin D.  Here are some interesting links:

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