Realistic Goal

Today’s Daily Shoring tip is similar to Accomplish an Easy Goal, but instead of crossing something off your list, you’re going to set a defined goal and begin working toward that goal.


  • Set a goal you can accomplish today, and it doesn’t have to be something already on your list!

It’s okay to make it something fun–accomplishing goals should not always be associated with chores or enduring something unpleasant.  For example, your goal for today could be to watch a TV show, have dinner, or read without interruptions (including self-interruptions, like checking your phone or getting up to do something!).

Moderate to Challenging:

  • Think about something you’ve been wanting to do or learn, and set aside time to focus on that.  If you can’t spend any time on it today, figure out when you can do some research and commit to it.

Also, jot down ideas–this will get your brain going in the right direction, even if you can’t take action today.  Wanting to travel, fix something around the house, redecorate, write a book, or try a new recipe?  Block off an hour or two sometime this week to look further into your project, and start jotting down ideas today.

If you already have many projects in the works, then your goal is to make concrete goals for the next few days–what can you realistically accomplish?  Here’s an example of setting a realistic goal:

Let’s say I decide I want to be a better cook.  I could take some cooking classes, try a few new recipes, or read some blogs and cookbooks.  Or just start cooking!  Instead of getting bogged down with options, I decide I’m going to dedicate 20 minutes tomorrow to selecting a recipe from a cookbook.  For today, I’m going to jot down some ideas–do I want to make dessert, a main dish, an appetizer?  If I don’t decide on something concrete now, it’s less likely I’ll follow through tomorrow.  After I select a recipe, I’ll make a shopping list, decide when I’ll go to the grocery store, and decide when I’m going to prepare the recipe (and this involves being realistic about when I can comfortably fit these tasks into my schedule).  I’m also going to make a note that I would like to look online for a cooking class–I’ll set aside time to look into that after I accomplish the current task.

This illustrates how a realistic goal must be prioritized (I’m consciously setting aside time to focus on it) and operationalized (broken down into concrete steps, with intermediate goals, each requiring dedicated time).Without prioritizing and operationalizing, projects tend to stay on the back burner, and you feel like you’re spinning your wheels.  Instead, set a realistic goal and focus on a project that inspires you!

What goal did you set today?

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