As I mentioned in About Daily Shoring, I started this blog with two audiences in mind:

  1. People who would like to build healthier habits and improve their emotional resilience, and
  2. People who are going through a difficult life transition, suffering a loss, grieving, and/or struggling with depression.
All of us, at some point, will fall into category 2–life is just that way.  If we know we will eventually have our share of bumps in the road, we need to know how to shore ourselves up when life is going smoothly so we are stronger to withstand our tough times.

One of the most common questions I’m asked by clients going through a difficult life transition is, “What do I do?  How do I get through this?”

Those who fare the best are those who have a solid emotional and interpersonal infrastructure.  In other words, despite their loss, which may be significant, they have a daily routine, a variety of interests and friends/family who support them.  They may be just going through the motions at the beginning, but at least they have motions to go through, until the worst of it starts to recede.

The goal with Daily Shoring is to:

  1. Help  people who simply need to put one foot in front of the other until the depression lifts or the grief recedes, and
  2. Help others shore up their emotional infrastructure such that they have better coping skills, healthy daily habits, and a variety of interests and avenues for emotional support.  This infrastructure is an integral part of the emotional resilience that makes life easier in general and helps people get through the really tough times.

So what’s your assignment for today?  I want you to take inventory of your emotional infrastructure and determine which area needs your focus the most:  Daily Routine, Variety of Interests, or Friends/Family.  Focus on shoring up that part of your life today.  Below are links to previous posts if you need inspiration!

Daily Routine:

Establish a Morning Ritual

Bookend Your Day

Establish a Bedtime Ritual

Daily Routine Check Up

Identify a “Filler Task”

Reexamine Your Commitments

Variety of Interests:

Learn Something New

Try Something Different

Make Time for Fun

Allow Yourself Time to Think

Use Your Hands

Get Inspired

Define Your “Good Day”


Learn about Someone You Admire

Reach Out

Be Kind to Others

Make Time for Fun


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