Stay in your own laneNeed a gentle but effective way to stay out of others’ drama, issues that don’t concern you, or responsibilities someone is trying to move onto your plate?  Try saying this:  “I’m going to stay in my own lane on this one.”  Easy, and done!

I just recently learned this technique and it works like a charm!  Who can argue with it?  Or more to the point, if people do argue, they just passed the test that says they aren’t simply blowing off steam–they are, in fact, trying to get you involved in their issue.  So redouble your efforts, repeat again if necessary, but Stay in Your Own Lane!

A useful variant:  “That’s not in my lane.”  This is helpful when someone is asking you about something you have knowledge about, but sharing that information is gossipy or may step on someone else’s toes.  No need to go down a slippery slope of what to share and what not to share, just stay out of it!

This phrase also works well with self talk–if you find yourself wanting to jump into something that shouldn’t concern you, or your mind is floating away from your daily goals/task at hand, try reminding yourself you need to Stay in Your Own Lane.

Be mindful of an opportunity to try this technique over the next week, even if it’s just integrating it into your own self talk.

Do you have a similar technique to share?