I stole this tip from Steal Like an Artist!  The idea is that we spend way too much time on our computers and not enough time using all our senses–besides sight and hearing, there’s taste, smell, and touch.

So, for today, do something with your hands!  Here are some ideas:


  • Use your hands in the kitchen–wash dishes or prepare food by hand
  • Write something using pen and paper (bonus if you doodle!)
  • Sort through your coins to see if there are any minted in a year that’s meaningful to you


  • Mend something.  That’s right–find something around your home, in the car, or a piece of clothing that needs repair and use your hands to fix it!  Sew a button, change your windshield wipers, air up your tires, tighten a loose screw–anything that you can diagnose and fix yourself!


  • Plan a do-it-yourself project–build, paint, plaster, tile, etc.  Lots of inspiration online–younghouselove.com has many, many DIY projects with detailed steps and lots of pics!  Want to plant a container garden?  Click here!  Want to stain a concrete floor?  Click here!  But don’t get lost on the internet–remember, the idea is to Use Your Hands!