productivityToday is the day to cross at least one thing off your “To Do” list!

It’s okay if it’s easy–by now, I hope you’re getting the concept of Daily Shoring:  do something positive and proactive every day.

It’s better to do one small thing each day than procrastinate because you think you should do more.

And accomplishing one goal, even if it’s small, reinforces an active mindset as opposed to an avoidant mindset.

Want to set yourself up to accomplish something tomorrow as well? Try this simple, but extremely effective, behavioral tool:

Define what you want to accomplish, then shave off the first 60 seconds of that task now.  For example, if I want to eat a healthy breakfast tomorrow, then I will line up my food choices in the refrigerator so they are front and center.  Behavioral research shows that pre-accomplishing the first step (which usually includes some degree of decision-making) significantly increases the chances of successful completion of a goal.  It seems that it’s more about the decision-making than the actual time involved.  Try this–it really works!

In case you don’t have a “To Do” list, here are a few small but important/satisfying tasks:

  • Make a “To Do” list
  • Back up the files on your computer
  • Clean out the fridge

We’ll tackle procrastination another day. . .

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